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It is a rare opportunity to see the birth of an industry up close. It is even rarer to be able to play a part in the development and growth of an industry.

I count myself extremely lucky to have gotten involved in the Ento industry early. I have not only been able to watch it explode and take on a life of its own, but had the privilege of actively working within it, helping to shape its form and culture.

I am Harman Singh Johar, founder of World Ento and proud Entopreneur. I fell into Entomophagy at the age of 20 while attending the University of Georgia, where I had the good fortune to study under Dr. Marianne Shockley and learn from David Gracer.

Founding World Ento in my dorm room closet, I have worked to grow the company into a leading US supplier of human grade insects. The experience has been filled with adventures, delicious foods, and the host of amazing characters that make up this blossoming industry. is meant to be both a chronicle of my personal experiences and an inside look into this industry through the eyes of the entrepreneurs building it. From publishing regulatory insight to guest blogs by other entopreneurs, I hope to build a resource for the future of our industry.



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